Design Inspiration 45 -

Design Inspiration 45

My first Dribbble shot! So apparently the single most visited webpage of the danish Justice Department is a page that informs you when you're allowed to raise the danish flag (at sunrise) and when.

Less than a second in Formula1 on Behance

Less than a second in Nice data layer setup. Would need to be rotatable to be insightful.

UI 디자인 - 원부붕에 그래픽부분을 참고하면 좋을것 같다. 밑에 또한 사용부분을 깔끔하게 픽토로 나타내서 한눈에 잘 보이는 구성이라 참고하면…

Interesting wheel concept where you can use the center of it for some kind of playful imagery.

Welcome to Daily UI Elements for 100 days straight (including weekends and holidays).   This is day 060.  My challenge for today is a Knob used to set different levels.  I invite you all to rebound...

Day 060 - Level Knob