.Assortment of maedeup (knots) that are used on Norigae #KoreanDesign #KoreanTextiles.

Pretty examples: Macrame and traditional Korean knots as well as pictures of jewelry and other art work from knots

Just so elegant

Stunning black hanbok that explicitly demonstrates restrained beauty and style. With teal color skirt and norigae (charm that goes with skirt), it is even more stylish! - Hanbok is a Korean.

이영희-한복. 추성훈 님의 추사랑..사랑이...넘 귀요미~~^^전용뷰어 : 네이버 블로그

이영희-한복. 추성훈 님의 추사랑..사랑이...넘 귀요미~~^^전용뷰어 : 네이버 블로그

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(For All Girl's Hanbok. If you find Boy hanbok. You can find couple boy hanbok :). All about Korean Hanbok.


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