Designs that feel physical And that I personally dislike, unless a clear marketing goal is involved or a task is so simple that attention distraction is not an issue

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Weekly Web Design Inspiration #35

Weekly web design inspiration series of creative and beautiful web designs, In this series we collect and share some unique and new trend designs from all

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FlatDesign is a showcase of some of the best examples of web design using the flat UI style/aesthetic.

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Great Art Direction Minimizing The Framing Of The Photography Webdesign Web Website

Could the desk height control be a slide adjustment where the user sets the slider and the desk moves to that height

Skeuomorphism in User Interface Design, What is It?

Background Treatment

The use of textures and patterns in webdesign has come a long way in only a short amount of time. From cliche grunge and gaudy vintage textures, today's best websites use texture in a wide variety.

Principles for Successful Button Design

Principles for Successful Button Design - Tuts+ Web Design Article

I really like this UI/UX gradient design, because of its general arrangement of elements, like: navigation, typography, imagery