M-Tro Camera by Juan Lee, via Behance art drawing sketch

MARBLE TABLE SKETCHES WIP - 2014 by Marc TRAN, via Behance

First draft of ideation on a high end dining table / pool table.

Lacie S 2.0 by Pedro Gomes

Lacie S subtle sketching by Pedro Gomes

FELIXGODARDDESIGN conceptual & industrial archives

FELIXGODARDDESIGN conceptual & industrial archives

Sketchbook by Rotimi Solola, via Behance.  something like this for my portfolio- maybe house with sketches of details

Industrial design: office chair sketching, Product Sketches on Behance

Quick illustrator sketches of kitchenware - Adam Haynes 2016

Want fantastic helpful hints regarding kitchenware? Go to my amazing site!

2015 | Citroen Aircross | Design Development: Interior Design...

Transportation design, industrial design, engineering, aircraft and space industry, etc.

Designer unknown | loose sketches with a few rendered up to a basic level is a great way to present initial ideas to a client - it takes a bit of time and effort, but it allows the greatest emotional connection for the client,

MIDI Pad ControllerDot has a revolutionary user interface that will make browsing an incredibly responsive & fluid experience. The Dot has over 12 GB of sounds already loaded for you to get lost in. This interface adds a new melodic dimension to your cr…

WWU ID x Pensar Development on Behance

WWU ID x Pensar Development on Behance

Contour lines are used to guide the rendering and turns the drawing into becoming three dimensional.

Know These Ideas When You Reach For A Camera!

I like how one of these flashlights is broken apart to show the function for all of them. Efficient way of showing thought process.

I really like making these, it s a quick and easy way to show your design ideas. These are some minimalistic flashlights 🔦 Let me

Sketching Samples - Alfredo Carreno Industrial Design Works

Sketches we like / Digital Sketch / Rendering / at Sketching Samples - Alfredo Carreno Industrial Design Works

nice details - Resketch it_1

nice details - Resketch it_1

Sketch-It! by L.Trovati....Timeless Design Stand Mixer

Deutsche Industriedesign war ein Erfolg - Iconic Stand Mixer on Behance

The Modern Workhorse - MULE by Anton Brousseau, via Behance

The Modern Workhorse - MULE by Anton Brousseau, via Behance

Sketchbook on Behance