Mobile Game UI Inspirations

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Speed Match - a good design for kid app but the color make me feel something sadly- just my opion

The graphic design of the exploratory mobile game, Adventures of Poco Eco – The Lost Sounds. This was my six-month-long digital project that created a whole new marketing platform,an extended edition LP – where the extra content is a mobile game based


This interface has been designed for an app designed aimed towards children. The amount of text present however may indicate the app is aimed towards children slightly older than the project "Look-up" demographic.


Easy UI/UX design for children to figure out how to work their way around the app by themselves. A gaming and learning app all in one.


I've pinned a lot of posts from the layout and interface of this space match app, due to its design, layout and way of approaching simple UI/UX design to a younger audience which can be difficult to understand.