Referências de wire para mão.

CG Hand wireframes- lots of different kinds of hands for reference.

Форум [Форум Invision Power Board]

Not sure these are all quads (?

A collection of anatomy and pose references for artists.

This model shows varying densities of topology, and all of them check out. Few tris, if any, and they all fit the form very well.

e161a5c9559a14a3a7f35b9b66b5b244.jpg (736×11901)

A very good info-graphic on proper face topology. Cross-platform, most modelers can accomplish this.

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Cute Spidey hoco art, credit artist if you know Super Hero shirts, Gadgets

遊戲模型佈線對動作變形之影響(1)-手肘膝蓋篇 @ WaHaHa 3D :: 痞客邦 PIXNET ::

遊戲模型佈線對動作變形之影響(1)-手肘膝蓋篇 @ WaHaHa 3D :: 痞客邦 PIXNET ::

Head topology

Female Character (A walk through in the whole process) Finished!