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Toko Pisau Ku: Kukri Bhojpuri Blade Material: Spring Steel, 5160 Handle Material: Iron Wood + Duralium, Sheath Material: Genuine Leather Blade Length: +/- 29 Cm, Handle Length: +/- 13 Cm Overall Length: +/- 42 Cm, Thickness: +/- 7 Mm

도시의 빽빽한 아파트 숲 속에 살고 있는 사람이라면 누구나 한 번쯤 '나만의 단독주택'을 꿈꿔보았을 것이다.

See the Asian house that is decidedly “un-Asian”, yet still boasts splendid layouts, terrific materials, and stylish aesthetic quality.


蝶結び This might make an interesting closure used with buttons or twisted knots.

snare-trap.jpg (553×918)

I have tried this method of snare several times and it does not work well. It will do in a pinch but it is rather unreliable unless used with a spring trigger like a bent sampling.

Black Bear | CAS Knives - cuchillos artesanales

Black Bear | CAS Knives - cuchillos artesanales