Rubber Bookshelves

What a fantastic artsy idea! The problem: I have way too many books to make this a great option for me. Rubber Shelves by Luke Hart for The Sculpture House

A Lamp for Sleeping Lovers

Cinna lamp, created by Francois Rybarczyk, is the one for you. The light comes from the bottom of the lamp instead of the top, so your significant other won’t have a constant light disturbing their sleep time.

Salt & Pepper Cell

Created by Antrepo, the original Salt & Pepper Cell shakers are life like D cell replicas. Made of stainless steel and glass, the power indicators on the sides correlate to the amount of spices left in the shakers, before refill time.

Getting the Most Out of Compost

Designer Adam Weaver describes Re:Fuse as an 'anaerobic digestion unit' that reclaims gas from decomposing biological debris that would otherwise be lost. The gas collected can