Dark Room Dining - O’Noir Toronto Restaurant Lets You Enjoy Dinner Without Seeing it (UPDATE) (GALLERY)

Dark Room Dining

Dark Room Dining - Foodies can take their dining experience to a whole new level when they dine at the recently opened O'Noir in Toronto, the sister location to .

Caged Treehouse Restaurants - The Yellow Treehouse Opens its Doors in New Zealand (GALLERY)

Caged Treehouse Restaurants

A dream of a child turned into reality thanks to an adult fantasy. On the top of an enormous Redwood tree in Auckland over high, let's have a special dinner at Yellow Treehouse Restaurant, by Pacific Environments NZ Ltd: Architects

Igloo Eateries - The Hoto Fudo Noodle Restaurant in Japan (GALLERY)

Igloo Eateries

Igloo Eateries - There is no snow around the Hoto Fudo noodle restaurant near Mount Fuji in Japan, but that doesn’t mean it can’t look like an igloo.

Treetop Restaurants - The Yellow Treehouse (VIDEO)

Treetop Restaurants

Color Changing Restaurants - Karim Rashid Designs ‘Switch’ With Undulated Walls (GALLERY)

Color Changing Restaurants

Dining For a Penny? - Credit Crunch Initiative from ‘Little Bay’ Restaurant in London (GALLERY)

Dining For a Penny?

Dining For a Penny? Now you can dine out and pay what you like. A London restaurant, called Little Bay, situated in Ferringdon, London, has s.

Toilet Themed Dining (UPDATE) - Marton Restaurant Now a Chain (GALLERY)

Toilet Themed Dining (UPDATE)

World of Warcraft-Themed Restaurants - Extreme Gamers Find MMORPG Heaven in China (VIDEO)

World of Warcraft-Themed Restaurants

World of Warcraft-Themed Restaurants: Extreme Gamers Find MMORPG Heaven in China

Bliss-Inducing Cafes - 'Van Gogh is Bipolar' Restaurant Serves Up Happy Hormones (GALLERY)

Bliss-Inducing Cafes

Bliss-Inducing Cafes: 'Van Gogh is Bipolar' Restaurant Serves Up Happy Hormones

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