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four different colors of fabric are shown in this image with the price tags on them
Tissus, boutons à coudre, couture - Mercerie en ligne
Pretty Mercerie fabric swatches
a book with black and brown squares on it
three different types of crocheted bags with labels on them
Woven Paper! Meet Aimee Lee, Handmade Paper Artist & Author — Paperslurry
Meet Aimee Lee, Handmade Paper Artist & Author of Hanji Unfurled | Paperslurry
a binder with many different colored fabrics on it
Fabric Swatch Samples business card style with label for easy reference.
an open book sitting on top of a table next to some folded up jeans and other items
Alabama Inspiration
several pieces of fabric are laid out on the table to be made into wall hangings
Action Quilt (aka Fidget Quilt)
there are many different designs hanging on the rack
Sample or designs display
Pick your own samples to build your #SWATCHBOX
several pieces of fabric laid out on top of a wooden table with chairs in the background
Making No Sew Pillows Out of Fabric Samples