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The Good Kind: The Bradbury Building » There are two types of architecture—good architecture, and the other kind
The Mid-Century architectural photography of Julius Shulman.
Architect Pierre Koenig’s 1960 Stahl House, Case Study House #22, Los Angeles, California.  –Image by © Julius Shulman
Sebastiao #Salgado - #BlackAndWhite #animals                                                                                                                                                                                 More
Sebastiao Salgado, Gold Mine, Figure Eight, Brazil, 1986, gelatin silver print
Sobek is particularly enthusiastic about textiles (the altar he built for the Pope’s visit to Bavaria in 2006 makes use of a fabric “tent”), which he finds both tactilely pleasing and rife with potential for high-tech applications like solar energy harvesting.  Courtesy of Zooey Braun PHOTOGRAPHY.
Sporthalle Kepler- und Humboldt-Gymnasium - Germany, 2015 by Martin Gessert, Albrecht Randecker @h4a_architekten #form
h4a architekten, Sporthalle Ulm, Zooey Braun
Alex Prager-Faces in the Crowd.
Anja Rubik Photographed by Alexandra Prager 2011