[by Sachin Teng]

“Dragon Age: Magekiller” by Sachin Teng* # illustration digital painting smoke effect fx character design male warrior sword white

모바일 게임 Hit 중국 서비스용 프로모션 일.. : 네이버블로그

art-of-cg-girls: “《HIT:我守护的一切》 illust work by Kyoung Hwan Kim ”

지양할 어두운 명암

Creating light in buildings, L. hunter's house, yewon lim on ArtStation.

Monk of the chained fist

Asura - Test subject of Alma Sanitorium. Wields additional essence limbs and has powerful shielding invocation potential. Asura has seer powers.

,- ̗̀ d e n i a l⠀no.4  ̖́-⠀[ @anxthema ]

I love how this fashion illistration includes different elements and also is collaged,I love the soft pastel colours and the flower pattern, by Oriol Angrill Jordà