Smoking Club Typeface | Designer: Rodrigo Aguadé

Facel Smoking club typeface by Rodrigo Aguadé and Manuel Astorga. Both work for a design studio in Madrid, Spain. Interesting how monumental type could appear without a colour just on white.

Square Tri-fold Creative Brochure Template #printdesign #brochure Download:

Square Tri-fold Creative Brochure

Buy Square Tri-fold Creative Brochure by Shukerman on GraphicRiver. A x Square Tri-fold Creative Brochure produced in InDesign. All the graphics and icons are editable from .

Samsung Developers Brand eXperience Design by Cooky Yoon, via Behance

Samsung Developers Brand Experience Design By Cooky Yoon Via Behance Stationary Corporate Design Cor

Product design / Industrial design / 제품디자인 / 산업디자인 /Industrial / book / Brochure / Banner /design /

Product design / Industrial design / 제품디자인 / 산업디자인 /Industrial / book / Brochure / Banner /design /

Great use of grids. Writing for heading is spot on and peaks viewer interest in the content.

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Stokke Crusi Red Dot Best of the Best Product Design #productdesign

Leading Norwegian baby brand Stokke has just released two new, innovative strollers designed in collaboration with Permafrost.