Excelente inspiração pra ideia na prática ;)

Beautiful geometric branding for custom jewellery

Colourful, geometric branding & packaging design for Trig app, which lets customers design their own personalized jewelry by Olivia King

I think this baby or condom ad is more effective. Simply because of the white background instead of the blue, the logo pops more. The concept is still simple and kind of funny. Also, the actual product is shown, which makes the ad more effective.

Creative advertising

Durex ad for condoms. White background with blue logo. Upstanding condom on 1 side and baby nipple on other side. Protected sex or baby- simple photo image conveying powerful message about choices and consequences.

Inspiration Gallery #105 – Creative ads | From up North

Creative Guerrilla Marketing - The Site For Guerilla Marketing, Ambient Advertising, and Unconventional Marketing Examples.

Creative Advertising

Guerrilla marketing to make people stop smoking. This harsh realization of using a fake pair of lungs as an ash tray shows the build up of cigarettes and shows how maybe even smoking a day can collect up and make a lasting damage on your lungs.

great print ad.

A few years back, New York ad agency JWT came up with this brilliantly creative campaign for razor company Schick. To illustrate "the power of four," they created a razor so sharp, it even shaves the hair off tattoos! Clever and creative.

ballet school advertisement , creative !

Joffrey Ballet School 'Ballerina' Revolving Door Advertisement: The clever revolving door advertisement was strategically placed to create a ballerina twirling.

Bus stop ads

Don't be fooled, Bus Stops Ads don't have to be the same as billboard advertising. Due to it's location and bus stop location, they can be more creative and are a great alternative to the regular outdoor ads.

Superman Ads

80 Ultra Creative, Clever & Inspirational Ads

This Man of Steel elevator advertisement is a great example of guerilla marketing! This ad strays away from the traditional media channels that advertisers use.

The most clever anti-smoking advertisement ever - Imgur | Pinned by http://www.thismademelaugh.com

The most clever anti-smoking advertisement ever

Good way of describing the harm your lungs go through. This anti smoking campaign is really clever as it uses a well known came to show how smoking damages the lungs.

Creative McDonalds Advertisements

I found this ad to be very clever due to its unique way of showing that McDonalds is open at night with the spotlights that are shining the light to light up the display create the famous golden arches.

Beautiful brush pattern to use on any packaging design

COLOR ART PATTERNS 02 by funderful on They are available to mix and match for design projects with endless composition combinations of all pieces. You will get 8 artboards of px RGB files.

This taxi ad did a great job breaking through the clutter. They put an ad where their competitor thrives, on a bus stop. The ad is short but persuasive and gets the point across. The target is adults who live in urban areas and who do not own a vehicle. More specifically they are targeting people who take the bus. I found this ad to be very persuasive and simple at the same time.

Best ad ever. Taxi ad in a bus stop! So clever! Someone's marketing department is ads commercial commercial ads ads ads