Check out Hattie Stewart's wonderful doodles over magazine covers - Digital Arts

Self proclaimed ‘professional doodler’ and inventor of the ‘Doodle Bomb’, Hattie Stewart is a young London based illustrator. Her signature ‘Doodle Bombs’ came to life in front of the television,…


Effective blend of different fonts around an image. Combines the ideas behind grunge typography of anarchy and chaos with the photograph that is a visual representation to corroborate the message of the text.

fashion editorial with graphics - Google Search

Magazine covers for the art exhibtion! self esteem booklets and how to critcally unfold mass media on fashion and idenity Lenka Srsnova Fashion Editorial

A photo-illustration collaboration with Aaron Pederson from 3TENphoto.

A photo-illustration collaboration with Aaron Pederson from

Hajin Bae

One part photo, one part illustration, and you have BryJin! Bryant Eslava and Hajin Bae are a collaborative duo that mix their mediums to make rad visual art. Fashion Photography x Illustration by BryJin

20 Creative Fashion Collages | StyleCaster Photo: Nordstrom

20 Amazingly Creative Fashion Collages

I think that this image is very creative and interesting because the designer made it pop by using the outline of the person. I also really like how the silhouette of the girl in this image is a design and it makes her stand out.