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SHINee The 2nd Album ‘Lucifer’

SHINee The 2nd Album ‘Lucifer’

Lucifer: Type a Audio CD (January Number of Discs: 1 Format: Import Label: Sm Entertainment Kr

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If you haven't watched this yet. prepare to laugh hysterically and then realize that your tears are actually due to the fact that our sweet maknae has become a ='}

SHINee World Academy

SHINee World Academy

key's Harlem sHake

Shinee key: Key dances to Harlem Shake


Personally, I think this is still the best SHINee song.

▶ SHINee - AYO (ENG SUB) - YouTube

SHINee - AYO/A-YO/A.YO from their latest album: Lucifer ♥ NOTE: noticed that this freaking awesome song hasn't been subbed yet so this is my attempt at it (:.

[LIVE] 10cm - 사랑은 은하수다방에서 (Love in the Milky Way Cafe) [Eng sub] (+playl...

- 사랑은 은하수다방에서 (Love in the Milky Way Cafe)

[2013] 장기하와 얼굴들 X 현대카드 MUSIC - 좋다 말았네

Korea's Jang Kiha and the Faces have captivated audiences the world over with the lo-fi simplicity of their alt-folky music, their playful lyrics and flippant vibe.

▶ [응답하라 1994 OST] 성시경 (SUNG SI KYUNG) - 너에게 (To You) MV - YouTube

▶ [응답하라 1994 OST] 성시경 (SUNG SI KYUNG) - 너에게 (To You) MV - YouTube

서태지 와 아이들 (SeoTaiji and Boys)- 난 알아요 (I Know) - YouTube - Best 90s video ever made!  xD

I guess the directors thought just because it's an Asian song, it fits .

SHINee World Minho T-Shirt

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▶ [HD MV] Simon D (사이먼디) feat. Zion. T - Stay Cool [ENG SUB] - YouTube

Translation credit goes to: pop!gasa Plus