IBM Urban Furniture functional ad - shelter. By Ogilvy & Mather France.


Smartvertisement, smart advertisement, IBM’s Clever Billboards double as benches, shelters and ramps (by Ogilvy & Mather France)


便利でおしゃれなIBMのキャンペーンポスター in フランス

世界のクリエイティブなビルディング広告21選 | AdGang

Creative Advertising on Buildings - Anando Milk Building Advertisement (Considering that every child lives in a world of fantasy, the idea was to encourage kids to drink more milk by exaggerating the benefits of milk)

Lego, que bien trabajan casi siempre...

Funny pictures about Creative Lego Ad. Oh, and cool pics about Creative Lego Ad. Also, Creative Lego Ad photos.

Las 40 campañas más “guerrilleras” de McDonald’s : Marketing Directo

“ Advertising/Ambient/Outdoor: McDonalds - Freshness Box Salad This poster, with what appears to be fresh salad vegetables and condensation, changes a bus shelter into a section in the.

La Publicidad y las Leyes de la Gestalt siguen de la mano.

McDonald’s – Wi-Fries Great ad from McDonals’s to promote free Wi-fi in their restaurants, created by DDB Sydney.


unbelievable - At night, the back-lit poster was reflected in the adjacent glass pane. This revealed the complete McDonald’s ‘M’ logo and the message “open all night” could be viewed the right way round. Bus shelter Campaign by DDB Sidney