❥ dried hydrangea blossoms - I thought they were butterfly wings at first! - So beautiful even when Hydrangea gets dried out -

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Color Palette #2729 (Color Palette Ideas)

almost black color, brown and pink shades, brown shades, brown-pink color, color…

This is a great example of how cold marsh gray becomes warm when combined with warm shades of brown and bright orange..

Nice fall color palette- could be used at other times too. Another good candidate for boy scrapbook layouts.

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Red & aqua color palette inspiration from Christmas cupcakes with candy cane, snowman, & gift wrap bow icing

«Вкусное» сочетание цветов. Еле уловимый голубой оттенок создаёт лёгкую прохладу и оттеняет красный и коричневый цвет. Идеальное сочетание цветов для кухни. Прекрасный пример, как можно оживить простой и скромный интерьер включением жизнерадостного красного цвета. Такой же приём можно применить и в одежде, дополнив костюм красным шарфиком или сумочкой.

Faint blue hue creates a light coolness and shades red and brown colors. It is a perfect combination of colors for kitchen.

Songbird Ablaze Color Palette

6 Color Schemes for Autumn Inspiration

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February color palette: Bright red is the color of passion and love. And on Valentine's Day it is just relevant. Use this palette for evening outfit and you'll be irresistibl.

Bright palette in which the cheerful yellow and pink paint are in contrast to the black and the central elements are the rich red color and cranberry. Using these colors, you can create extraordinary interiors for youth cafe or choose a stylish summer outfit. The residential area is best to use red for emphasis.

Bright palette in which cheerful yellow and pink paints are in contrast with black and rich red and cranberry colors are the central elements.

A perfect palette for those who like elegance and style, but prefer peace and comfort. The tenderness of beige shades is emphasized with bright burgundy an.

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