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I like this idea...cool

Tonight my husband and I went to Newks. I look over at him and a mosquito is sucking his left cheek. I tenderly with love slap his face. I say mosquito because it really was! I so thought of this quote!

HA HA HA!!!!  SO TRUE!!!!

It is quotes like this who have my husband double guessing what I really mean, When I say "What?" I mean "What?" Maybe I'm not wired like most women, but I mean what I say and I say what I mean, the first time.

There are just no words for how much this brightened my day. LOL!

I Regret Nothing

This bird loves chocolate like a fat kid loves cake lol! (Just to reiterate though, chocolate is NOT safe for birds to ingest. If you have a bird, don't let them go for a swim in a fountain of chocolate.


if I had a nickel for every time my phone auto corrected 'shit' into 'shut' I would have 16 nickels

Who Actually Won "Whose Line Is It Anyway"?

Who Actually Won "Whose Line Is It Anyway"?

pin now watch later. You will laugh so hard it just makes you feel good. Robin Williams is a special cookie.


Ah the floppy disk and cassette. Sad thing is, I don't think we have any computers left that would take a floppy disk. However, I do have stereos that will take cassettes. And yes, I proudly can say I still have some cassettes.

I'll admit it, I laughed until I cried

I'll admit it, I laughed until I cried

Cannot be un-seen lol

I didn't before, but now I can't see anything else, damn it! Some things you just can't unsee!

I will hang this somewhere... (There's already a print out in my office cube.)

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When you're phone has no signal and you go all Lion King on it. haha yep, I do this all the time. I never have signal in my house. At least I'll have fun doing it now.

Hahaha this is so true!! I can still say that after 7 years, I still fit into my high school dance dresses.

Funny pictures about High School Reunion. Oh, and cool pics about High School Reunion. Also, High School Reunion.