PT inspiration- big numbers, one color

User interface inspiration

Interactive Graph by Ari

Interactive Graph

Interactive Graph - iOS iphone design found on Dribbble. Dashboard Concept by Rodrigo Alberto Cavazos, via Behance Music player by Rovan.

Designs.. Its not just about how it looks.. but how it works!

User interface inspiration

Dribbble - Calendar Notepad by charhen

Calendar Notepad

Time for more UI/UX inspiration! In this gallery we’re presenting of the most stunning menus, buttons and other UI elements from mobile apps, applications, and webpages. For more UI inspiration…

Rams Player app concept | Designer: Christopher Paul

Rams Player app concept Lexus Creating Amazing Mobile by Sean Hobman, via Behance UI - Explosions In The Sky - Wye Oak

App Timer for brushing teeth and keeping stats about it. App also enables patients to talk and appoint to their dentist. Good to keep in mind.

daily brush App Timer for brushing teeth and keeping stats about it. App also enables us to talk and appoint to our dentist.

Wallet One App

Wallet One App

Here we present 50 cool finance app ui design for mobile, which we're sure will give you some ideas. Use these for inspiration on parts of your mobile app design

Minimal Weather by Pablo Chavida, via Behance *** Proposal for brand and mobile application design. A weather app with a clean, minimalist design and high level in the details.

Minimal Weather Mobile UI Design UI really interesting menu slide out. The animation can be cool Daily Mobile UI Design Inspiration

Conversion / Currency App Flat #UI Design. (I would really prefer to not having to choose manually what i need. better design is to do an all search interface for these.  Sometimes I'm look for a category that is not listed but mean the same thing, and I have to re-think.  Thats in efficient.)

Looking at examples of different user interface patterns could give us the ideas we need to design something amazing. If you're designing a mobile app UI for

Magna Infographic Styleguide Mobile

Data visualization infographic & Chart MagnaGlobal Infographic Excel Template by Martin Oberhäuser, via Behance.

Nixon Product Detail Redesign (Mobile)

Nixon Product Detail Redesign (Mobile)