Este es mi primer imagina pero con mi mente sucia tal vez y espero qu… #fanfic Fanfic #amreading #books #wattpad

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BTS MEMES - .Feliz Natal.

BTS this swag will kill me stop this stop itttt

Kurşun geçirmez izciler...

[Info] BTS will be releasing a compilation album “BEST OF” in Japan on Jan

What's wrong V?❤️

Yoongi's like "I don't need nobody I'll make my own damn heart" Tae's like "kill me now wHY are you touching me peASANT">>>>> Yay! J-Hope & Jimin!

*stares at jimin* 😍😍 *looks at suga* 😳😍.but 😱😍*looka at hobi* 😮😍 *looks at jimin* 😅😅😍😘 *looks at suga* Yoongi stay in your lane please. *continues to stare jimin*

allforbts: “ 171120 BTS_twt’s Tweet “with @thegreatkhalid ” ” OMG YES! @victorinyan

Khalid and Bts bitch a collaboration better be in their futures or I'm fighting

Bangtan on tweet /epilogue /hd pic

BTS Bighit Trans : [ Bangtan] second concert in Osaka has ended safely today as well. A.R.M.Ys thank you for your hard work! Let’s work hard together in Nagoya and Tokyo as well。See you again!


BTS Bighit Trans : [Today’s Bangtan] The Second week of promotion has ended! Thank you to all of the supportive fans!ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


BTS Bighit Trans : [ The end-of-year that was busy busy has finished and the new year has arrived. Thank you for the immense love and support in Please take care of us more in 2017 goal: To be happier with ARMYs