Two of the hottest people in LOTR/Hobbit. Description from I searched for this on

One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and into fandom bind them, In middle earth where the fellowship lies. ( them ) the countless slightly obsessive fans everywhere that will always love Lord of the Rings.


beardedjoel: “ LOTR Favorite Characters → Sam Gamgee “One tiny Hobbit against all the evil the world could muster. A sane being would have given up, but Samwise burned with a magnificent madness, a.

I don't blame Disney for my high expectations of men....I blame Tolkien.

Funny pictures about I don't blame Disney. Oh, and cool pics about I don't blame Disney. Also, I don't blame Disney.

and this is why Bilbo Baggins speaks to my soul

I would also like to go on an adventure with a band of dwarves. Especially Kili and Fili :)

Samwise Gamgee - samwise-gamgee

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