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Coffee Coffee : I love the creativity of the coffee beans placed together creating a collage of an owl, and the cups as the eyes. delivering the message that coffee keeps you up, and owls are nocturnal

Game night: Turn off your phones (okay that's going too far, turn them to silent) light a fire and dust off your old board games.

7 Budget-Friendly Romantic Valentine's Day Dates

Playing scrabble and board games at home. Drinking coffee or hot tea or cocoa. Mmm how I miss the fall.

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Too small to tell, but it looks like Spotted Owls to me! This would also fit in my Deep, Thoughtful and Funny Sayings category. Life is a hoot!

If I had one of these I would be filled with glee

Keurig Special Edition Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System: A Perfect cup of coffe/hot chocolate/tea in minutes!

Jarabe casero para la tos   Para aliviar la tos realice un jarabe casero de la siguiente manera: se pone en una sartén, una taza de Coca-Cola con una taza de cebolla picada en trocitos, hervir por varios minutos, luego colar., dejar enfriar, tomar en pequeños sorbos durante el día. Curiosamente se comenta que en los inicios de la Coca-Cola, su receta era un jarabe para la tos.

Qué remedios caseros podemos elaborar con cebolla, ¡un montón!

Very creative coffee mug. I'm not sure where you can get this coffee mug, but I think it looks great. It's amazing how such a simple idea can make us smile. Of course, if you are


That sinking feeling when you pick up your cup to take the last drink of coffee and it's already gone

Panda Latte! This is adorable!

With a Verismo™ System, I could perfect my panda latte art. After all, everyone should know how to panda up their latte.

Since I really like owls.............Cool Products & Ideas Caffeinated Owl Chart by Dave Mottram

Funny pictures about Caffeinated Owl Chart. Oh, and cool pics about Caffeinated Owl Chart. Also, Caffeinated Owl Chart photos.

Coffee... Must have coffee... Why is it taking so long for my coffee...

Writing coffee with the "coffee cup stains" is nice. The original stain that makes the "C" was probably enlarged to create the "f", overlaid to create the "e". The nice brown color that remind us of real coffee stain.

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6 Affordable Art Pieces

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