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Cool It Author: Bjorn Lomborg Publisher: Vintage Publication Date: August 2008 Genre: Non-Fiction Design Info: Designer: Chip Kidd& Illustrator: Chip Kidd& Typeface: Gotham

In Cold Blood, designed by Vintage art Director Megan Wilson. Locale, here, tells the whole tale. A haunting composition, the type hovering in the clouds, like observers, watching at a remove. (or like the newly dead?)

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Asylum Records logo - Milton Glaser

Milton Glaser is among the most celebrated graphic designers in the United States. He opened Milton Glaser, Inc.


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Leave Cancelled book jacket design by Paul Rand. Check out his, and other great books on my graphic design gift guide > click thru link

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This looks like it had some inspiration for the Poseidon halftone poster i did {Leave Cancelled book jacket design by Paul Rand.

Imaginary Foundation

Suspended Fish Sculpture Made of Forks - installation by designer Ian McChesney

Marius Roosendaal

Marius Roosendaal

Graphic Design by Marius Roosendaal, a Designer from the Netherlands.