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shows the cool of the ocean translated into a colour pallet. this palette demonstrates how cool colours can vary from white too deep dark blue.

Moonlight blues

moonlight blues Color Palette - Paint Inspiration- Paint Colors- Paint Palette- Color- Design Inspiration love these blues, especially I'd love to make my accent wall this color

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Monochrome Fresh air and sea range of colors. Smooth play of blue shades can be perfectly used to create the monochrome interior. The dominant color, you can choose t.

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Dividing depictions of nature into block colours, pixels, breaking down components

Color combination, color pallets, color palettes, color scheme, color inspiration. Beautiful shades of perfect evening. Pink, purple, yellow and other colors of sunset.

Color combination, Beautiful shades of perfect evening. Pink, purple, yellow and other colors of sunset.

◆Waimea Waters 一般的に青色は、海やテクノロジー関連の業界との相性が良く、異なるコントラストの色合いを組み合わせることでうまくハマります。


Waimea Waters - marine or technology. Blue tones are traditionally related to these industries and make great combinations when applied with contrasting hues.

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"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever." Jacques Yves Cousteau Colour scheme for newspaper overall

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Color scale of blue and sky blue shades with a slight shift to the green spectrum. Staying in general cold, color palette looks more saturated thanks to gr