Another beautiful photo of Minnesota with the snow on the ground. I was able to see the first snow fall over my fall break, but it did not look like this.

Funny pictures about Winter And Fall Meet Each Other. Oh, and cool pics about Winter And Fall Meet Each Other. Also, Winter And Fall Meet Each Other.


I'm always drawn to light rays through the clouds and trees. This is the best sun-ray picture I've ever seen.

New England in Fall | New England :

Inference: What time of year was this picture taken? How do you know? I can infer that this picture was taken in Autumn. I know this because in Autumn the leaves turn orange and fall to the ground. I have seen this on my street.


Used a slow shutter speed to give the water a soft cotton candy look.

"Grow the flowers that you love, sing the songs you’ve forgotten, climb your tree."

Inspiring picture love of autumn, tree lights. Find the picture to your taste!

✮ Bridge on sea and rock in Germany - Cool Pic!

Grömitz Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Analogmartin