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This achieves emphasis because it uses placement to create a focal point. The hand is place in the middle and the rest of the body surrounds it.


Dark drawing

His face was perfect, features sculpted of marble and painted in black and gold. But inside he was a ruination, screaming and cracking and broken. And no one knew. They only saw his face.

Hasta doblegar al oponente.

felixinclusis: “ kvnai: Yumin, Sun-Ken Rock by Boichi ”

Seppuku by Skelefrog on DeviantArt

Here we have a Samurai preforming Seppuku, a ritual suicide from the Bushido code that states a Samurai who has failed.

cellist art

Sumi painting Cellist from brush painting artist and instructor Sungsook Hong Setton

ArtStation - Inktober 2016, Vitalii Smyk

I like this style of illustration to convey mood and tone. I think I will use this ink technique for my final feature article piece to show the dark tones of the article about declining literacy rate and the link to prison.