Water droplet

Water drop droplet Drawing art pencil sketch -charcoal or pencil tones white charcoal / white pencil

how to paint a water drop - Google Search:


I’ve talked about color and contrast, and I’ve briefly mentioned that I love texture. Texture for me is a “puzzle to solve." When I discovered adding colored pencil and acrylics to my technique, it was especially helpful for peel textures.

Jordan runs his own website entitled Tutodraw, which contains many tutorial videos showing...

Artist reveals top tips for creating incredibly realistic masterpieces


I like how the artist only used light colors for this picture to make the picture look soft and calm. I also like how the picture is “balanced”, the focus point of the picture are the top right and below left. The colors and the sketch matches perfectly.

How to Draw an Elephant, from wikiHow

Draw an Elephant

How to Draw an Elephant. Elephants are the largest living land animals. They are heavy plant eaters they are known for their big ears, long trunk and tusks, and memory.

RESERVED Owl Art Original Graphite Drawing by OwensArtworks

Owl Art Original Graphite Drawing, Wildlife Art, Bird Art Portrait by OwensArtworks on Etsy