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Walter Gropius created the Bauhaus in and immediately printed four pages of a teaching program. The Bauhaus Manifesto and its key points were born.

Bauhaus 1919-1933 | Taschen. The Bauhaus was a group that began the modern design movement that now dominates our current market. Originally the movements main philosophy was the democratization of design. It experimented with the new made materials and function over form was deemed more moral.

Bauhaus by Droste, Magdalena (June Hardcover 25 Anv by Magdalena Droste, Quilt Inspiration

less is more ...

brilliant minimalist design "- = +" (less is more ; ) by - bauhaus-movement

Bauhaus: art as life

Bauhaus: Art as Life: Kathleen James-Chakraborty, Eva Forgas, Anya Baumhoff, Klaus Weber:

laszlo moholy-nagy

László Moholy-Nagy / Architecture / / oil on burlap / Guggenheim Museum