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Brian Greig makes orreries for sale

Vintage globe decor

Vintage globe decor, I love globes!

It is an ancient tool, created over two thousand years ago when people thought that the Earth was the center of the universe. They are often referred to as the first computer and however debatable that statement might be there is one thing for sure without a doubt.  Astrolabes are objects of immense mystery and beauty.

Astrolabe – Magnificent Computer of the Ancients ~ Kuriositas This invention changed everything for the first time, we could know the time, the day and when the sun would rise and set. Lost to the west after the fall of Rome.

Clockwork driven orrery with Earnshaw type, split bi-metallic chronometer detent escapement with jewelled pivot and driven with chain fusee. Eight day duration.

Earth globe inside a glass globe of the night sky from 1824

Earth globe inside a glass globe of the night sky from 1824

1824 "cosmosphere", a printed terrestrial globe, set inside a revolving glass celestial globe. It was invented by Dr William Muller, a major of the Royal Hanoverian Engineers from Woolwich, and made by the Cary brothers.

Zacharie Raingo - Importante pendule à quatre colonnes et planétaire en placage de loupe d’amboine et bronze finement ciselé et doré, époque Restauration

Antique Important Gilt Bronze and Amboyna Veneered Planetarium Clock, Restoration period for sale by La Pendulerie specialists in fine horology - Paris - France

Jagiellonian (c.1510)

Jagiellonian Clock incorporating globe, c. metal, The Jagiellonian Museum

armillary sphere

George Glazer Gallery, New York City. Antique prints, maps and globes.