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Full size picture of Living Stones 'Rubra' (<i>Lithops optica</i>)

PlantFiles Pictures: Living Stones 'Rubra' (Lithops optica) by Xenomorf

"Fenestraria rhophalophylla" - © Etwin Aslander (Flickr)

Fenestraria rhophalophylla - I didn't know Baby Toes bloomed! Now I'm even more sad about my deceased ones. RIP Baby Toes D': ~Y

LIVING STONES (Lithops salicola)

LIthops salicola How to create a sea-creature succulent garden - Boldly colored. With the wonderful world of succulents, you can mimic an underwater garden Colorful DIY succulents Drought Friendly Drought Tolerant California Garden

Conophytum truncatum subsp. truncatum

Operation Wildflower is for plant lovers: the site provides detailed information on South African indigenous vegetation, and collection of photographs of interesting plants

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Wow what a flower. Can be used as a great print or design! #flower #print #design

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)Aizoaceae Lapidaria margaretae 10+ seed rare mesembs exotic succulent living stones cactus

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