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Suicide is in no way cowardly. It is when somebody has been fighting a war WITH THEMSELVES, and they lost. Suicide is in no way cowardly or a joke

I love each and every one of you. I don't care if you've done these things because I have too. You can always talk to me because I understand.

I've done all. Well not attempt to jump but I have attempted hanging myself.


I wanted to die. I contemplated telling my therapist that, how torturous this was, and how I wish they'd let me die because at least I could be in peace. And I'd be thin. The two things I want most.

If you tell this to someone they might leave, so be prepared

Im scared to tell my husband eric and our children down the road how do i explain to them that mommy hates herself? _brit >>> I'm here for you

help? please...

This pin kinda just screamed, Larry>>>If you see someone is struggling don't automatically assume someone is doing it for attention because you know what they very well really could need someone there and you might be the only one there to save them.

A beautiful thought… (Not funny, but meant to remind us all of why our words are important. As this board has the largest audience, it also will hopefully have the most influence.)

A beautiful thought…

please read this. It takes a few kind words to save someone's life. It takes a few cruel words to take someone's life.

Don't take your life please. It effects others too. Be strong for them if you can't just be strong for yourself. Everything will get better

"I got chills and I felt sickened, then I cried for the world and for all the sad broken people in it. And I cried for me." when bad things happen to good people