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black and raven by Hannah | We Heart It

"Some people are uncomfortable with silences. I've never cared much for call and response.

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The clave of revenants****"Seriously, you have some sort of Wolverine thing going on, right? Cuz, everything about you defies the laws of nature.


Great for ritual, decorative, and emergency use! Annoint with your favourite oil or perfume to give your work an extra touch. Colours play a huge role in magick

Morning breakfast...

(Open, King Liam) The King had just finished having dinner with the rest of the Royal family, and any Selected that had wished to join them. Everyone else had left the room, but he stayed, sipping his wine and thinking to himself.

Alchemy Acres

up at this early am watching final episode of GAME OF THRONES. Now There is a fairytale to see.