Pure Pretty: Daniel Henney | The Fangirl Verdict

Daniel Henney Voice of hapa big brother Tadashi Hamada in BIG HERO 6 and is hapa himself.

Daniel Henney, who is currently busy with the CBS show “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” looks relaxed and casual, giving us the feeling of Autumn in the upcoming October 2016 issue of J…

<b>Girls make passes at guys with glasses.</b>

Daniel Henney dedicated a karaoke song to you.

Daniel Henney

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders actor Daniel Henney covers the September 2015 issue of Arena Homme+ Korea. Embracing luxurious sportswear, Henney is picture

Paul Walker short haircut

I envisioned Paul Walker as Logan, the sexy surfer dude, gorgeous with piercing blue eyes.