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How awesome is this?  오늘 런닝맨에 누가 나온다?

010613 simon d, lee jong hyun, lee ki kwang jung yong hwa during running man filming.

So Ji Sub!!!! Gotta love him ~ Currently watching "Oh My Venus," which is adorable, and SJS is absolutely gorgeous & sexy in it ;)

Can you tell which of these 10 K-drama star tattoos are fake?

with Park Bo Young (young Suni) in A Werewolf Boy (늑대소년) Korean - Movie - Picture @ HanCinema :: The Korean Movie and Drama Database

Check out the photos of Song Joong-Ki, Park Bo-Young, Yoo Yeon-Seok, Jang Yeong-Nam, Kim Hyang-Gi in A Werewolf Boy

Oh My Ghostess

Oh My Ghostess - this was my gateway drug. I blame it all on this drama. It was my very drama. Can you imagine if I had started with something else?

My QI(see what I did there) is 0 lol

You know Tao's korean isn't very good right? this is why he left exo, because SM and the korean ppls were insulting him on how bad his korean was. Guys, PLEASE, it's like mocking someone on their english, and it HURTS.

Moon Lovers - Scarlet Heart: Ji Soo as the fourteenth prince. Such a cutie. Oh my god. I wish there was more interaction between him and Hae Soo.

Meet the imperial prince lineup in Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Goryeo posters

Song Joong Ki, korea, korean fashion, kfashion, men's wear, men's fashion, asian fashion, asia

Song Joong Ki - the man you just can't resist. His flower boy image won many hearts and his bad boy role stole many others.

Choi Jin Hyuk - Fated to Love You, Emergency Couple, Gu Family Book, The Heirs, Panda and the Hedgehog, Pride and Prejudice

Choi Jin Hyuk - Fated to Love You, Emergency Couple, Gu Family Book, The Heirs…