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omg.... wellll this is bad news for me considering i live off of mountain dew on night shifts...

Rethink your drink: Teaching nutrition to kids. Idea from Kid's Directory of Central Arkansas. Great visual aid for kids.and adults. Great idea for a bulletin board!

캠핑의 적(敵) ‘꽃가루 알레르기’ 막아주는 음식은?

Are you looking for ways to dry fresh ginger? Here are a few tips on How to dry fresh ginger and use it. Drying and using fresh ginger is really easy.


Low carb foods for diabetics Infographic on A Tale of Two Meals: Fat vs Carbs What's Making You Fat ? link Blood Sugar and Hunger High-glycemic chart Low-glycemic chart link fat loss diet low carb

What 200 calories of food really looks like... Just... wow.

Losing weight is many times associated with the word nutrition. But diet and weight loss programs are merely subtopics in the broad subject of nutrition. Nutrition involves your weight, but also st…

AIR PURIFYING HOUSE PLANTS  1. Bamboo Palm  2. Snake Plant  3. Areca Palm  4. Spider Plant  5. Peace Lily  6. Gerbera Daisy

6 Air Purifying House Plants - Bamboo Palm Snake Plant Areca Plant Spider Plant Peace Lily Gerbera Daisy Removes formaldahyde, carbon monoxide, mold spores and absorbing nitrogen oxides.

흔한 치과 대기실 모습

Funny pictures about Dentist Waiting Room. Oh, and cool pics about Dentist Waiting Room. Also, Dentist Waiting Room photos.

The importance of when we eat:- http://www.learnhandyhealthandwellnesstips.com

According to this, we eat more cupcakes over the weekend. When we Eat Matters / Massive Health + I shot him infographic design illustration

손쉬게 먹나 남은 과자 보관방법  How to close a chip bag no clip

How To Close Your Chip Bag With NO CLIP! These simple steps will allow you to close the potato chip bag without using a clip or clamp. An example of a silly (but undeniably useful) origami fold.

Artificial sugar is the cause

The Big Diabetes Lie - I really need to reduce my intake! 25 Reasons Sugar is Bad for You - Doctors at the International Council for Truth in Medicine are revealing the truth about diabetes that has been suppressed for over 21 years.

Diagram of the Digestive System on an apron.

Love this idea! Teach kids the digestive system by decorating an apron with markers or fabric paint. When they wear the apron, children will be able to see where the parts of their own digestive system are located.

Well that busted my bubble.

Although you may find a host of weight loss exercise plans out there, all of these plans are not effective. This is why you need to look for a weight loss exercise plan that offers the maximum benefits for the minimum time invested in the process.

Can you undo water pollution? Experiment from Along the Way.

Earth Day Experiment ~ Can You Undo Water Pollution? In this experiment the kids learned just how hard it is to undo water pollution. a bucket of clean water, some household trash, vegetable oil (to stand for toxic oil spills), tongs, and a strainer.

Part of the reason I don't drink soda anymore. All of this, plus the caffeine & sugars can cause bladder infections, if you drink too much soda.

7 Side Effects of Soda. This offers a natural, effective method for cutting soda intake. Great tips. ** I won't deny I love soda/pop, but good thing I rarely drink it now!

esp for my brother's kids -- teach them about rock layers

science, earth science, Geology in a jar - fun learning for kids