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Artist Sung Ho Lee (ZAZAC NAMOO) created this stunning pastel artwork of an owl perched on a tree branch. The entire drawing was completed in 25 minutes.

How to Draw Mountains with Chalk or Pastel

"See the Light" chalk artist, Jim Pence, demonstrates how to draw mountains with lecturer's chalk.

Pastel Painting Demonstration of Pembrokeshire Cottage for Heart of England Artists

Live action pastel painting demonstration of a landscape in front of an audience at Erwood Station in Mid-Wales. A full version of the demonstration is avail.

Mind-Blowing Image of Milky Way Galaxy at Wilson Beach in Australia

The Milky Way at Wilsons Beach (near Airlie Beach) > Queensland, Australia (amazing photo by Jay Daley).

Saatchi Art Artist: Alessandro Andreuccetti; Watercolor 2012 Painting "I love you, I hate you"

I love you, I hate you Painting by Alessandro Andreuccetti

I'm really loving this artists work Saatchi Online Artist: Alessandro Andreuccetti; Watercolor, Painting "I love you, I hate you"

This is a helpful blog! Pastel Pointers with Richard McKinley | ArtistsNetwork.com #pastel #painting #art

The Quality of Color

Discover best practices for selecting and using color wisely given the wide array of color options available to painters.

Cosmos 2

Most complete four-dimensional map of the universe Space galaxy Thor's helmet nebula

Richard McKinley explains "dusting."  Pastels added to a "serendipity underpainting."  Sounds fun.

Pastel Pointers

Pastel is one of the most diverse painting media that artists can use today. Since prehistoric man first gathered pigment from…