Stefania Lucchetta 'Stellite Limited Edition Ring' 2009

Architectural Jewellery Design - structural ring made from Stellite alloy // Stefania Lucchetta

Braided Brush Finish Wedding Band In 14K White Gold

Mybridalring company provides modern and latest design of Braided Brush Finish Wedding Band in White Gold for Men.

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Ruiyin Lin (The Carrotbox Jewelry Blog - rings, rings, rings!)

Singapore native Ruiyin Lin, whose collection is "both a tribute to the past and a prelude to the future." She combines traditional forms and craftsmanship with "digital manufacturing methods" — in other words, printing.

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These "Clamp" rings by Taiwan's Drilling Lab (Jeff Lu-Wei Chen) are so sleek and stylish that their industrial nature becomes secondary, rather than their main feature.

Dragon Skin

La manchette Plissé de Vhernier

La manchette Plissé de Vhernier

Alain Mailland. Wood turning. On his website, check out "Kind of Blue" one of my favorites but, no image to share!

Alain Mailland‘s green wood hollowing techniques allow him to heartily celebrate life and the “secret wonders of the burls and roots of the South of France.