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phil lester is the only good thing in this world i stg

To: Literally everyone who likes Dan over Phil and not them equally, or just doesn't like Phil From: The phandom


Dil is a fiction sims character. I should not be feeling this extreme hurt and sympathy for a sims character.

Dan Howell everybody

Dan and Phil. Dan answers intercom with "HELLO THIS IS DOG" thinking it was Phil. it was their landlord.

Lol I saw the title of the game, and I was like "oh no!" Then phil kept hinting and I was like "oh no, Dan. Oh fuck no."

RIP DANS HEART<<< omg the whole game Phil looks so ready for dan do die and at one point he looks to the camera like 'you know what's coming.

Some old things get forgotten. But they are eventually replaced with just as good things.

aww :) but its true though. I kinda miss old phan things, especially the sexy end screen dance and draw phil naked :(<<< yeah and danisnotonfire, I'll always miss that :(


ok but dan literally said he was borrowing the sweater from phil omg sinking this ship

This cut off tO a bAd sTaRT

I don't even ship Phan that much. Sorry, don't throw Phan related things at me<<<< I DO ship phan but I'm not crazy about it not bother the phandom but I'm still sometimes grateful for those ppl

They can't be apart for more than a few minutes let alone a week

Is he Dan ? Is Phil really a grown man ? Are either of you grown men ? I think both of y'all are just giant toddlers<<< no they're both 6 foot 3 twelve year old boys

Beautiful tumblr post is beautiful>> I actually watched that episode today on dan and phil games

The pressures of being a badger mom. << badger mom, I just imaged Phil helping little Hufflepuff first years and Dan calling him the badger mom