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Guan Yu

Guan Yu

Zhuge Liang Portrait by Ahyicodae

Though I'm not too good at drawing from my imagination, I can copy things from references. This is Three Kingdoms' Zhuge Liang, from the Chinese televis.

Kuan Ti is the Chinese warrior god who acts to prevent war. He's a prophet who predicts the future, and he protects people from lower spirits.

Introduction to Guanyu, an famous general in ancient China, including his personal life, and why he is respected by the Chinese people.

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A painting of Guan Yu – the Chinese God of War and Wealth. Guan Yu lived during the downfall of the Han Dynasty and became a general in the subsequently emerging Han Shu kingdom. Today Guan Yu is considered a deity and symbol of righteousness.

Three Brothers by on @deviantART

Portraits from RTk 12 Combined as Wallpaper You see Guan Yu, Liu Bei and Zhang Fei Three Brothers


GUAN YU—The spirit of Chinese civilization


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ฟ้าประสาท โอกาสอำนวย ต้องด้วยใจคน - จูกัดเหลียง

ฟ้าประสาท โอกาสอำนวย ต้องด้วยใจคน - จูกัดเหลียง