Sword Art Online Season 2 - Gun Gale Online Sinon Cosplay  This isn't a tutorial or a DIY but it's the best cosplay I could find for Sinon. All on eBay (and coincidentally cheaper than the inaccurate versions I've found.)  I love SAO and I totally love GGO! Sinon is my favorite character! Can't wait for The next episode ;D

Sword Art Online 2 Phantom Bullet GGO Gun Gale Online Sinon Cosplay Costume Set

Sword Art Online Season 2 - Gun Gale Online Sinon Cosplay- ψ(`∇´)ψ next Cosplay plan for comic con- i just luv Sinon

ALO sinon and kirito

Colored by: zheure Illustration from: Sword Art Online (Light Novel) - Volume 8 Sinon's facial expression when Kirito squeezed her tail was priceless. ZS C 001 - Alfheim Online - Sinon and Kirito


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Phantom Bullet | ソードアート・オンライン

Sword Art Online Season 2 release date has been confirmed. SAO II is based on Gun Gale Online / Phantom Bullet Arc where Kirito takes on a different genre.

This picture is so perfect

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Sword Art Online

Kirito Vs Heathcliff (Kayaba Akihiko) Full HD Wallpaper and Background