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Burger shoe

If you love Nike shoes, and also love burgers this is for you. Designer Olle Hemmendorff was recruited by Nike to make a burger spin off of their famous shoe the Nike Air Max Unfortunately for the rest of us, this burger is only a one.

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Make your feet look like the most delicious of all foods with sandwich sandals, the flip flops that look like loaded up sammies. Although these shoes don’t feel as squishy as really wearing sandwiches on your feet, you’ll find them far more stylish.

Sculptural Burger Sandals - Robert Tabor's Shoe Designs Look Good Enough to Eat

Sculptural Burger Sandals

Shoe Sculptures, "Spaghetti Stiletto" by Robert Tabor. "He has made amazing, although maybe not entirely functional, shoes that are works of art.

wtf fashion 5 outfits like this exist? photos) check them all out !

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Pendragon Shoes shoe-animal by Nadowawoman aka "What I made the last time I dropped acid.

hmmm... not sure how I feel about this yet.  It is unique to say the least.

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la casa encantada

Here are some bizarre shoes--- Just in time for Hurricane Ike. These are so Mother Hubbard.I'd actually wear them. They're from the Pendragon Boot Company.

Amazing cthulhu pie. Rising out of the depths of blackberries no less.

Octopus Pie

14 Creative Pie Designs That Are Way Cooler Than Whatever Your Crazy Aunt Made