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Jajaja Lo que haré

19 Cosas que jamás debes hacerle a tus hijos

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Hahaha I don't know why I can't stop laughing when I look at this

Better Play It Cool.

I laughed so hard, idk why, but that polar bear is FUN--NY

How Animals See The World (Infographic)  |   การมองเห็นของสัตว์ต่างๆ : สุนัข แมว งู ม้า ม้าลาย แมลง กุ้ง ปู สัตว์น้ำเปลือกแข็ง นก ฉลาม (อินโฟกราฟฟิก)

มามองโลกผ่านเลนส์ของสัตว์กัน ... การมองเห็นของสัตว์ต่างๆ (อินโฟกราฟฟิก

Funny pictures about How animals see the world. Oh, and cool pics about How animals see the world. Also, How animals see the world.

funny dogs

funny dogs

If your dog does the head-press thing, it could mean brain cancer. But otherwise these are funny :)>>>Also the one about a dog in the Walgreens parking lot is not okay, dogs shouldn't be left alone in the car

dogs never faill to make us laugh! Thank you guys so much for all your suport! Keep it up!

21 Dog Fails That’ll Make You Feel Guilty For Laughing

So I was looking at them all straight face in awe then the last one My eyes were literally like BOOM.:

Dog cross-breeds

Funny pictures about Awesome Dog Cross-Breeds. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome Dog Cross-Breeds. Also, Awesome Dog Cross-Breeds photos.

Estrela de Hollywood

Seriously I laughed until I cried. Not sure why this is so funny, but seriously she can afford different shoes lol

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Funnies Thread Volume III - Page 31

how about some cute pet photos to make you smile and laugh! (please excuse the language on some of these.I don't know how to only pin the ones I like.some are too funny!

365 Happiness Project � Week 16

365 Happiness Project – Week 16

Oh crap. here he comes Can't I come in the box? You won't fit. You are too fat. I've been eating salad The box isn't big enough. Nonsense, the box is plenty big. You are crushing me! I told you. CAN"T BREATHE!

This dog can balance anything on his noggin! <3

Scout, the dog that can balance anything on his head.poor scout, but wow is that a great dog