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Scythe 2D

My own concept for a Scythe, painted in Photoshop Scythe


Low poly weapon based on my own design.

Glistening Death

Low poly mace from my own design.


Painted in Photoshop Peacock

Hannibal fan art

Painted in Photoshop Hannibal

Iron Throne (3D Printed)

My first print. Mostly modeled in max, then exported to Zbrush for adding detail.

Water Well

Yet another asset that i'll be using to make my herb garden. Hand painted low poly World of Warcraft inspired :)

Herb Garden, Stefan Stanic on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Gk6Jd

World of Warcraft inspired low poly herb garden with all hand painted textures. Was really fun doing this one and really learned a lot :) It all started with a single flower pot, and then the idea escalated to this quickly ^^ Hope you like it!

Azmodan, Diablo 3 fan art

Azmodan, Diablo 3 fan art