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Woke up for school like... #BTS #Rapmonster

School aka the bane of my existence. Awh bless their hearts and souls.

Google+ Oh honey my sweet cinnamon roll...y'all have been doing that since 2k13 (even before that probably hehe)

U just noticed that NOW? xD Hobi being super derp is ma favorite thing

- ̗̀ @PJMTBH   ̖́-

We Got Married // By LeeNaha & Sheerinie // Comedy, Romance, Smut…

#wattpad #de-todo (()) ;Donde yo les muestro mis xinoz gueis y ustedes los disfrutan.

XINOZBOOK. - 02; Park Chanyeol

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Chanyeol being so cute

YEOLLIE are you wearing the hat where dara used to wear.

I live for this!

He's still perfect what are you talking ab puffy face

[BTS Twitter update] [03.14.2016]  V’s Tweet: 다른느낌 수웩   'Different feel of swag"

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