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Paweł Jusyn | Tatras

Hiking the Tatry Mountains in Poland - on our bucket list, with a stopover in Zakopane for good food and hanging out with the Gorale.

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Moments - The peak point in this photo is the tip of the mountain.

Beautiful Himalaya, Nepal.

Himalayan Gold (Pharilapche m) Nepal, Everest region, view from the Tengboche m) to Pharilapche Peak m) Copyright : Anton Jankovoy

Trolltunga Rock - Odda, Norway You wouldn't catch me out there on the edge like that!!! Bt it is a beautiful sight to behold!!!

Diy Camping Tent

Trolltunga Rock - Odda, Norway You wouldn't catch me out there on the edge like that! Bt it is a beautiful sight to behold!

Beautiful...Eiger north face?

Everest, Nepal - This is the image of Geng Xu or the Metal Mountain Dog pillar in BaZi birth charts. This is the spirit of those who want to conquer climbing mount Everest.

Hiking In Himalayas, Nepal

Probably Nepal is the best adventures tours are travel destination in the world. Find the best Nepal Travel tours, itineraries, cost, guide

We live on an amazing planet. - Imgur

Memories of Nepal night skies. What an incredible adventure, wish I could magic myself back in to the Himalayas

Le mont Everest, dans l’Himalaya8 848 mètres. L’Everest détient le record incontesté du sommet le plus haut à la surface de la planète Terre. Réservée aux alpinistes les plus expérimentés, l’ascension de cette montagne située entre Népal et Tibet demande une excellente préparation et une très bonne connaissance de la haute montagne. Les Sherpas, ces grimpeurs indigènes habitués aux pentes raides de l’Himalaya, sont les compagnons indispensables des étrangers qui se lancent à l’assaut de…

Les plus beaux sommets du monde

Everest - Buddhists believe a goddess lives in the mountain and she decides who summits, who doesn't, who makes it down safely, and who doesn't. She doesn't take kindly to big egos or those who try to "conquer" her. Humble respect always.

Sagamartha Trek - Larja Bridge - Nepal

Nepal - Sagamartha Trek - Larja Bridge by mckaysavage. Bring on the trek!

Indian Beach & Ecola State Park, Astoria, Oregon

As I walk towards the ocean I first hear the roar of the sea and then feel the pounding of the waves. As I watch the waves come onto the shore I realize that the ocean has a mind of it's own. Never to be contained or controlled.