ArtStation - 'Blade' Concept Art - Theme04. Elysion(Temple of Light), Arthur Lee

ArtStation - 'Blade' Concept Art - Elysion(Temple of Light), Yong-jin Lee

Mystic throne

Artwork of an unknown location, by Peter Lee. Suspected to be concept art for a throne room in Skovos, with the ornate Roman style columns and water features.

ArtStation - Heroes Of The Storm - Towers Of Doom - Blacksmith Town, David Harrington

Discover The Art of David Harrington, currently Senior Artist at Blizzard Entertainment.

This is a stack of architectural explorations done for the rework of Summoners rift for Riot Games. I served as a Sr Concept artist on the project and provided several hundred iterative designs for the revamp of this map. If you would like to see my process, download my brushes and templates or watch my tutorials you can find me on Patreon!

ArtStation - League of Legends, Summoners Rift update Architecture concept art, Trent Kaniuga - Aquatic Moon