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Visual merchandising with a (Re)Purpose

Love the idea of painting these crates. Color possibilities are endless for any display idea! Shoe crates - not sure I would exhibit shoes, but the idea is interesting for a collection

cool rustic retail store front doors, glass - Google Search

Wonderful shop or store display idea -- using white washed or peeled pale wood stumps for display - GREAT for a shop store bar, café, or restaurant window!

Le Petit Bateau got clever with paint to highlight clothing, but the same could be done for any piece of artwork or wall decoration.

Great Decorating Ideas Inspired By Crazy Store & Window Displays

Inspiration comes from everywhere, but what better place to get ideas than the über-creative window and store displays created by retail designers for stores

Still life fashion - London Collections

British Fashion Council Menswear London Collections for GQ by Sarah Parker and Sam Hofman.

Дмитрий Сивак | Дизайн интерьера | Budjet

DF/Mexico — Old Truman Brewery, London DOWN MEXICO WAY Flavours of a memorable road trip inspire Brick Lane diner experiment.

香港名牌的微博 新浪微博-随时随地分享香港名牌的新鲜事儿

Fun idea for a craft show booth. Create walls out of foam core and draw the setting your products would be used in

Credit to the Edit °2, CNEAI, 2014 | MOREpublishers

Inspiration for signage/ visual merchandising. Could be used as inspiration for display unit form.