a-ka blonde hair blue eyes braid cape dress elsa (frozen) frozen (disney) hair ornament hair over shoulder long hair magic open mouth single braid snowflake hair ornament snowflakes solo

Daniel Kamarudin

i think of it as a 2 month late birthday present for a friend also, playing with her dress was kinda fun. but and more sharpish. Elsa: The dated fan art never bothered me anyway

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naschi: Last week I visit the new Disney movie “Frozen” with my friends ^____^ And I really like this film. It was so great and lovely that I choose to draw a fanart with Elsa. This illustration is for Mulle I hope you like it XD

Elsa giving Anna’s wedding dress the finishing touches for Anna’s wedding

Something Blue [Frozen - Elsa Anna] by MitsouParker on deviantART>> Anna and Kristoff's wedding day. Anna looks beautiful and Elsa is such a good sister.

An amazing drawing of Queen Elsa from Frozen in Anime style!HD Wallpaper and background photos of Anime Elsa- Frozen for fans of favorite pictures! :D images.