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Billions of Geotagged Tweets Visualized in Twitter's Amazing Maps

Anastasia Kotenko and Niki Kakali - a GIS cartography of a comprehensive and seamless understanding of Europe through the dynamics of sand. dune landscapes along the entire continental grounds

Architectural Association School of Architecture offers undergraduate and graduate courses in London, taking the unique teaching methods of the AA to a wider student audience

Works by Elisa Vendramin:

Elisa Vendramin- Barnafoss Illustration commissioned by Civilization Magazine {Copenhagen, December This digital collage is based on the Icelandic folk tale of Barnafoss and features both landscape photography as well as satellite footage.

Awesome abstract map art by Derek Lerner

Derek Lerner Asvirus 12 2011 Ink and gesso on paper mounted to panel x cm x 11 in)

Is this the structure of New York City?    Broadway as the spine is not difficult to believe.    Data from the Twitter streaming API (10000 points, 30000 vectors). Base map from OpenStreetMap, CC-BY-SA  // Eric Fisher explains further: It is an attempt at plotting (the) flow of people, in particular the paths from each place that someone posted a geotagged tweet to the next place that they posted one, and because I don't know anything about what they did in between, routed along the path in…

Educational infographic & Data Paths through New York City ‘Flow map’ of travel in New York City d. Image Description Paths through New York